Strength Laboratory is the division of the Department for Strength of Materials, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research - Polish Academy of Sciences. Strength Laboratory is divided into three units:

Dynamic Testing and Creep Laboratory
 Dynamic Testing and Creep Laboratory is equipped with following testing facilities:

Fatigue and Fracture Laboratory
 Fatigue and Fracture Toughness Laboratory is equipped with two servohydraulic testing systems:
  •   Uniaxial testing machine MTS 810 with digital control system, loading specimen in the range ± 250 kN,
  •   Biaxial testing machine MTS 858 for complex stress testing, loading tubular or solid-section specimen with the axial load ± 25 kN and torque in the range ± 200 Nm equipped with digital control system.
Materials and  Components Strength Laboratory
 In the Materials and Construction Components Strength Laboratory following testing facilities are located:
  •   Servohydraulic, uniaxial testing system INSTRON 1251 with analogue controller and load capacity ± 100 kN,
  •   Servohydraulic, multiaxial testing system INSTRON 1343, loading specimen with axial force ± 100 kN, torque ± 1000 Nm and pressure up to 500 bar. This system is controlled digitally that allows performing wide range of static and quasi-dynamic tests on materials and construction components.
  •   Equipment for measurements of residual stresses by the hole-drilling strain gage method according to ASTM E837 standard.